As we specialize in helping company executives find outstanding business partners, you can imagine the number of individuals with whom we speak at companies, agencies and VC firms...

Company Seeking qualified employee candidates

We are regularly asked if we know of any stellar individuals who might be the next member(s) of the company’s team. The answer is most often ‘Yes.’

Shimek Strategic has an active database of thousands of talented people; at any given time, several are on the hunt for their next big career move. If you’d like us to keep an eye out, or actively search on your behalf, please send us a note along with the job description, link, etc. We’re happy to make introductions.

Candidate seeking stellar companies

Companies and agencies are constantly on the hunt for great new talent. Whether you are in PR, marketing or advertising, you might very well be the person they seek. If you would like Shimek Strategic to lend a hand, please send along your resume and a brief note about yourself. If you know the company or agency in which you’re interested... that’s even better.

“Steve, the agency went well above our expectations. In the launch week, we blew out our sales goals and secured over 2 billion impressions [‘billion’].

The founder of the VC asked specifically about the agency. Thank you!”

VP marketing for an innovative consumer technology company