Agency Review Management

The majority of our work is focused upon the counsel and introduction of firms and consultants to companies that are running their reviews internally.

There are times when a company may prefer that a 3rd party run the review. We do this at Shimek Strategic, and we’re happy to manage your review.

Company Executive Advisory

Having counseled over 100 CEOs during their searches for partners, senior-level employees and financing sources, we are available to discuss the various landscapes and options in detail and provide advice.

Agency Owner Counsel

Whether your firm is based in Singapore or Sydney, New York or New Delhi, the mechanics and processes of agency operation and agency development are surprisingly similar and consistent. However, what makes an agency stand out amongst its peers? What makes for a truly successful proposal and pitch?

If you are a non-U.S. firm, especially if English is not your first language, are you accurately conveying your offerings to U.S. companies and those reviewing your proposals?

If you are a smaller/mid-size firm and, perhaps, ready to sell, how do you get on the radar of those looking to acquire? Or, are you looking to acquire?

We regularly advise in these matters.

“Thank you so much, Steve! I have PR peers who have gone through this once or twice, but you've been through it many times. I appreciate your counsel so much, and I'm finally excited about this process. I was very skeptical about finding a great partner, but I'm feeling much more optimistic now.”

Director of public relations at a very well-funded millennial-focused finance company